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  • Melissa S. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    Our daughter LOVES everything about coming to classes! She started last May, and hasn't looked back. Her confidence has grown so much, starting within weeks of starting! She loves how every week she is learning new skills, she loves the staff and she loves the challenges that they give them every week to work on. She looks forward to classes every week, and jumped at the opportunity to sign up for extra classes that would help her learn more. She went from being a complete gymnastics girl to everything karate. Her Christmas list was filled with rebreakable boards, pads, punching bags, t-shirts, room decorations and anything else she could think of to practice karate or that was karate! It's only been about 10 months, but you can't meet this girl and not know that she loves karate, and we have Canton Karate to thank for this! Overall, the staff at Canton Karate has changed our daughter in so many ways, but especially in her confidence! We're so glad we found them!

    Melissa S.
  • Dee P. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My son has been a student at Canton Karate for about 2 years. He loves the Skillz program they use. He gets so excited after every class to see if he earned his skill stripe. The stripes look so cute on their belts in all different colors. If he is unable to earn his stripe for that class he knows which one by the color, and I see him working extra hard and practicing to make sure he gets it next time. The place is very cleaning and very kid-friendly. My son has also made some really nice friends and is excited to go to classes. I have also seen improvement in his behavior since he first started Karate. At home he will even say yes Ma'am to me, I get such a kick out of it!

    Dee P.
  • Kirk O. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My 7 year old son was trying to find something that was his sport or activity. His brother had soccer and sister had gymnastics but he had nothing that seemed to interest him. We signed my son up for the 6 week trial period and during that time we observed a new confidence in him and we discovered that Karate is in his blood. My son had a few rough days not knowing what to do at first in the class but Master Martin was very patient and understanding. Canton Karate has been a wonderful experience and I genuinely look forward going to my son's Karate practice and observing the skills he learns.

    Kirk O.
  • Cierra P. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    Canton Karate is an amazing place for your kids to learn basic and advanced karate skills, how to defend themselves against predators, and also to enjoy being entertained by the many fun and exciting mini games the instructor has planned for each lesson. The staff and fellow students are all incredibly kind and helpful, and the instructor is fantastic at teaching, too. The office staff are always happy to help you when in need, and are always a pleasure to talk to. The interior of the building is also incredibly clean, making it by far one of the most sanitary karate schools I have seen. This is a great place for me to be after school, and I'm thoroughly glad my mother had me join.

    Cierra P.
  • Michelle B. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    Amazing place with AMAZING staff!! The way they work with kids is wonderful! You truly feel like family from the time you walk in the door. They offer so many different class options. My kids have learned so much already from their short time here. I'm amazed at the new skills and discipline they are learning. The confidence I'm seeing fostered in my children is great. Master Martin has an amazing way of dealing with the kids. It is usually in a way that corrects the problem without disrupting everyone else. Can't wait till my 4 year old is ready to start as well. Thank you Canton Karate!!

    Michelle B.
  • Tami R. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My 7 year old son has been going to Canton Karate for 3-4 years now. We currently live in Commerce Township and without hesitation make the 30-40 drive twice a week to attend. On a daily basis, Master Martin demonstrates patience, dedication, kindness, understanding, and diligence. He pushes the kids to reach their fullest potential in a firm but fair way! This is what keeps my son wanting to come back. I have honestly never felt more welcome and included! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a positive, life changing experience!

    Tami R.
  • Michelle T. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My son started Karate lessons at Canton Karate several months ago and we can't be happier with that decision! My son has gained so much confidence. On his first day, he was so nervous to step onto that mat. Master Martin and the rest of the staff were so patient and encouraging with him. He loves going now and has so much fun at each class. Master Martin and all the staff at Canton Karate are so encouraging, helpful and very accessible. I can't say enough good things! I highly recommend Canton Karate!

    Michelle T.
  • Michael C. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My son and I both trained together about 4 years ago. We have trained, tested, and grew in our skills together. It's an awesome way for parent/child relationship building. Master Martin is a great instructor for adults as well as children. We have learned a great deal from him. Highly recommended as a place for your future martial art training.

    Michael C.
  • Diana W. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    Canton Karate has been amazing for our family! My two have been enrolled for 6 months now. They have always struggled with attention, focus, and self control and it was beginning to impact school. They LOVE Karate! They want to practice at home, and love going to class. and their performance in school has made a complete turnaround! For the first time my daughter's teacher this year says she is focused, attentive, and hard working!

    Master Martin is patient but firm and disciplined. He treats each student differently in class. and that's a good thing! I don't know how but he seems to know what every student needs to personally challenge them. I find myself repeating Master Martin's words around the house and at work. They did love the Saturday forms/sparring class and we will miss that. But we are all excited to see what comes next!

    Diana W.
  • Andiec C. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My 6 yr old son has been in karate here for almost a year. He has gained self confidence and respect for others. He has learned to sit down, show his respect for Master Martin, and stay quiet when others are talking (still a work in progress). He has also gained knowledge of how to work your body to stay in healthy shape. The school is clean and well-maintained. Lori who works in the office is phenomenal!! If you ever have any concerns or questions, she is always willing to talk things through until you issue is resolved!! Our experience at Canton Karate has been great from the very beginning!!!

    Andiec C.
  • Brad Y. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My 4 year old son started karate this year and we are already seeing great changes in him. Master Martin and all the staff are great and show amazing patience. My son looks forward to the days he has practice and is very eager to learn something new in class. I highly recommend Canton Karate to anyone whose kids are interested in karate.

    Brad Y.
  • Kati S. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My daughter has been a student for 3 years now. They have taught her strength, discipline and how to never give up. We have seen her grow over the years. We are very pleased with the program at Canton Karate.

    Kati S.
  • Elizz V. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My kids (4 and 10 years ago) practice karate couple mouths ago, we're so happy with this school, Master Martin, teacher Josh, Miss Lory are great job with the kids. and also our kids love go every class. karate help my kids with the school and home. they're learning how important it is the discipline in everything.

    Elizz V.
  • Anem K. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My daughter started 4 weeks ago! She loves going and looks forward to it! It we have quite a ways to go but I already see an improvement in her concentration and she is diagnosed with ADHD. We will definitely be signing up for the year.

    Anem K.
  • Stefanie A.  , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My daughter started karate less than a year ago and I have seen a huge change in her. She has gained so much more confidence as well as a sense off pride as she moves up the ranks in her belts. Master Martin is very patient with the students. He has a great relationship with all the students. I would recommend this place to anyone.

    Stefanie A.
  • Sarah D. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    This is a wonderful school for all ages. My 5year old son has been enrolled for over a year and he loves it. Master Martin and his team work so well with the young ones. I highly recommend this school to all.

    Sarah D.
  • Skylar W. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    My friend's daughter Lily goes here and she's always looking forward to go to classes. She loves it! The instructors are very nice and friendly towards everybody and they make their students feel welcomed there. They show her defensive techniques and skills that she'll learn and have knowledge of, and this is something that she will always carry with her even as she grows older. And that's a very great to have self defensive skills no matter what age your child is!

    Skylar W.
  • CC M. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    I'm very happy with my son at this martial arts school, this is the 2nd school we tried for my son. the 1st school my son had no interest in going to the point of being a battle to get my son interested and didn't last more than 2 months. we switched my son to Canton Karate around 9 months ago. it is such a different experience for him. now my son is always excited and cant wait to go to his next class, his attitude has changed for the better so much all the way around.(his respect to teachers and at home as well. now my husband and older son has taken an interest as well, we will be enrolling them at Canton Karate very shortly . I'm so proud of my son and would like to thank Master Martin! his school is a top notch school for adults or kids.

    CC M.
  • Joshua M. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    The Perfect Martial Arts School. Master Martin does a great job of combining all of the elements of martial arts into the curriculum, There is a mixture of history, discipline and practical application. The classes are also taught specifically for each age group to maximize the benefit of the kids and adults. What is being taught will resonate with a 3 or 4 year old (my son) or an adult(myself).

    Joshua M.
  • Deepa R. , Canton Karate Testimonials

    From my son, who is 11 years old and recently started lessons here: "They are very kind and fun. They play fun games at the end of each session that help build up our karate skills. They make doing martial arts very fun. They always put others before themselves."

    Deepa R.

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